Course Description: SEC 370 WEB SECURITY

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SEC370 Lab 6 Authentication Methods
SEC370 Lab 5 Policy Paper
SEC370 Lab 4 Disabling Unnecessary Services
SEC370 Lab 3 You Decide Activity
SEC370 Lab 2 Create Firewall Rules
SEC370 Lab 1 You Decide


[SOLVED] SEC370 LAB 6 AUTHENTICATION METHODS: In this exercise, you will see two different authentication methods in action by forcing the user to log on to access a web server.…


[SOLVED] SEC370 LAB 5 POLICY PAPER: Review the Network Attacks tutorial in the lecture. Submit a three- to five-page (800–1,200-word) security policy write-up for the antivirus, spyware, and adware policies…


[SOLVED] SEC370 LAB 4 DISABLING UNNECESSARY SERVICES: Exercise 1 – Disabling Unnecessary Services In this exercise, you will disable unnecessary services for laptops that are taken by users outside of…


SOLVED] SEC370 LAB 3 YOU DECIDE ACTIVITY: Review the Public Key Infrastructure, Hashing and Digital Signatures, Cryptography: Public Key Encryption, and Cryptology tutorials in the lecture. Go to http://nmap.online-domain-tools.com/, and…


[SOLVED] SEC370 LAB 2 CREATE FIREWALL RULES: In this exercise, you will configure Inbound and Outbound Windows Firewall rules. Please refer to your course material or use your favourite search…


[SOLVED] SEC370 LAB 1 YOU DECIDE: Perform reconnaissance on a target company of your choice using Google, their website, Whois, and nslookup to find out where the company is; who…