ITCO 221 : Fundamentals of Programming and Logic
ITCO221 Unit 4 Graphical Calculator
ITCO221 Unit 3 Check Duplicate Numbers C# Console Program and Pseudocode
ITCO221 Unit 2 Verify Age Console Program and Problem Analysis
ITCO221 Unit 1 Introduce Yourself Console Program and Pseudocode


[SOLVED] ITCO221 UNIT 1 INTRODUCE YOURSELF CONSOLE PROGRAM AND PSEUDOCODE: Microsoft Visual Studio is software that you will use throughout the course. Installing this software is an important first step.…


[SOLVED] ITCO221 UNIT 2 VERIFY AGE CONSOLE PROGRAM AND PROBLEM ANALYSIS: Software applications are created to solve problems that a business or even an individual might have. Planning is a…


[SOLVED] ITCO221 UNIT 3 CHECK DUPLICATE NUMBERS C# CONSOLE PROGRAM AND PSEUDOCODE: You own a consulting firm and a client has engaged you to write a console program. In general,…


[SOLVED] ITCO221 UNIT 4 GRAPHICAL CALCULATOR: You have been engaged to develop a graphical calculator. Specific requirements are as follows: Create a graphical calculator with buttons that can add, subtract,…