CISS 243 A Programming III

Course Description
This course is a continuation of CISS 242. Topics include inheritance, polymorphism, templates, stream I/O, file processing, stacks, queues and lists.

Course Overview
This class is the last in a three course sequence, a continuation of CISS 242, introducing computer programming using the C++ language. This class uses the C++ programming language, but the principles learned and skills obtained are applicable to programming in any language. In fact, one of the objectives of this course is to instill the ability to transfer your knowledge and skills to programming in any domain, with any language.

CISS 243 Week 7 Binary Trees
CISS 243 Week 6 Recursion
CISS 243 Week 5 Stacks and Queues
CISS 243 Week 4 Linked List
CISS 243 Week 3 Exceptions Templates and Standard Template Library
CISS 243 Week 2 Inheritance Polymorphism and Virtual Functions
CISS 243 Week 1 Operator Overloading