CISS 242 B Programming II

Course Description
This course introduces more advanced steps to program design and is a continuation of CISS 241. A disciplined approach to problem solving and algorithm development will be stressed using top down design. Topics include strings, pointers, recursion, classes, and methods, and operator overloading.

Course Overview
This class is the second in a three course sequence, a continuation of CISS 241, introducing computer
programming using the C++ language. This class uses the C++ programming language, but the principles learned and skills obtained are applicable to programming in any language. In fact, one of the objectives of this course is to instill the ability to transfer your knowledge and skills to programming in any domain, with any language.

CISS 242 Week 7 Classes
CISS 242 Week 6 Introduction to Classes
CISS 242 Week 5 Advanced File Operations
CISS 242 Week 4 Structured Data
CISS 242 Week 3 Characters Strings and the String Class
CISS 242 Week 2 Pointers
CISS 242 Week 1 Searching and Sorting Arrays