Advanced Object- Oriented Programming – CSIS 312

In-depth study of the advanced features of Java, with an emphasis on the “why” as well as the “how to” of programming in the Java language. This course also prepares students for the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam. (Formerly ISYS and CSIS 312)

Currently, Java is one of the leading development languages used in today’s business and web applications; therefore, students who wish to make their CSIS-related careers more lucrative will want to obtain a practical familiarity with it. CSIS 312 builds on the lessons of CSIS 212 with an emphasis on programming with objects and advanced Java features. While certification is not the main goal, certification makes an individual more attractive and beneficial to potential employers, and to this end, students will want to seriously consider taking the Oracle’s Java Programmer I exam. The purpose of CSIS 312 is first to ground students more firmly in object- oriented development, and secondly to help them to prepare to pass the Java Programmer I exam. (Student’s Choice). Students should note that preparing for and passing the Java Programmer I exam requires considerable study and preparation beyond the requirements of this course. After completion of this course, it is recommended that students wishing to certify take advantage of one or more of the third party test prep programs prior to taking the Java Programmer I exam.

CSIS 312 Assignment 6 Print Array
CSIS 312 Assignment 8 SecureRandom
CSIS 312 Entire Course
CSIS 312 Assignment 8 Stack Data Structure
CSIS 312 Assignment 7 Pair Class
CSIS 312 Assignment 6 printArray and Factorial Calculator
CSIS 312 Assignment 5 LinkedList Object
CSIS 312 Assignment 4 Random Sentences
CSIS 312 Assignment 3 Payroll System
CSIS 312 Assignment 2 Employee Class
CSIS 312 Assignment 1 Time2 Class


[SOLVED] CYBR 260 WEEK 7 PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT SQLITE DATABASE: Write a program that gets the root document (“/”) from catalog.champlain.edu (Links to an external site.) and extracts every line that has an anchor…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 1 TIME2 CLASS: Using the Time2.java and Time2Test.java files provided, it would be perfectly possible to represent the time internally as the total number of seconds…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 2 EMPLOYEE CLASS: In chapter 9 of your Deitel & Deitel text, you studied an inheritance hierarchy in which class BasePlusCommissionEmployee inherited from class CommissionEmployee. However,…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 3 PAYROLL SYSTEM: Modify the payroll system of Figs. 10.4–10.9 to include an additional Employee subclass PieceWorker that represents an employee whose pay is based on…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 4 RANDOM SENTENCES: We now discuss the features of class StringBuilder for creating and manipulating dynamic string information—that is, modifiable strings. Every StringBuilder is capable of…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 5 LINKEDLIST OBJECT: Write a program that inserts 25 random integers from 0 to 100 in order into Java’s LinkedList object (you must use Java’s LinkedList…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 6 PRINT ARRAY: Write a recursive method printArray() that displays all the elements in an array of integers, separated by spaces.


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 7 PAIR CLASS: Write a generic class Pair which has two type parameters—F and S—each representing the type of the first and second element of the…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 8 SECURERANDOM: Write a program that inserts 25 random numbers from 0 to 99 (using SecureRandom) inclusive into a linked-list object in sorted order and then…


[SOLVED] CSIS 312 ASSIGNMENT 6 PRINT ARRAY: Write a recursive method printArray() that displays all the elements in an array of integers, separated by spaces. The array must be 100…