Write a Java program which displays a menu to allow user the following functionality:

  1. Load employees’ data – prompts user for the number of employees to be loaded and then prompts for each employee name, id (5 digit number), and annual salary
  2. Add new employee – prompts user for an employee data, name, id, and annual salary
  3. Display all employees – displays each employee’s data to the console, one employee per line
  4. Retrieve specific employee’s data – prompts user for the employee id and displays the corresponding employee’s data: id, name, and salary
  5. Retrieve employees with salaries based on range – prompts user for the lowest and highest salary and displays all employees with salaries in that range. Display each employee on separate line with all information – name, id, and salary
  6. Exit

Design and implementation notes:

  • Each menu selection should be implemented as a separate method
  • Employees’ data should be saved in arrays, you can allocate for maximum 100 elements
  • After completion of each selection, program should display the menu again to allow user another selection until they select Exit

Make sure your Java program is using the recommended style such as:

  • Javadoc comment up front with your name as author, date, and brief purpose of the program
  • Comments for variables and blocks of code to describe major functionality
  • Meaningful variable names and prompts
  • Identifiers are written in upper CamelCase
  • Class name starts with upper case letter and variables in lower case letter
  • Constants are written in All Capitals
  • Use proper spacing and empty lines to make code human readable

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