Write a Java program which:

  1. Prompts a user to enter student id, current class grade in GPA format (e.g. 3.5), current class number of credits, overall GPA, and overall number of credits (use Scanner for input).
  2. Calculates student’s new overall GPA based
  3. Displays the input data along with new GPA to the console. To calculate new overall GPA: ((current-class-GPA times current-class-credits) plus (overallGPA times overall-credits)) divided by (current-class-credits + overall-credits) For example, given current class 3.5 and 3 credits and overall GPA 3.0 and 9 credits: ((3.5*3) + (3.0*9)) / (3+9) = 3.125 new overall GPA

Test program: A minimum of 3 test cases should be supplied in the form of table with columns indicating the input values, expected output, actual output and if the test case passed or failed. This table should contain 4 columns with appropriate labels and a row for each test case.

Make sure your Java program is using the recommended style such as:

  • brief purpose of the program
  • Comments for variables and blocks of code to describe major functionality
  • Meaningful variable names and prompts
  • Class names are written in upper CamelCase
  • Constants are written in All Capitals
  • Use proper spacing and empty lines to make code human-readable
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