HSM310 Assignments Week 4: Midterm

HSM310 Week 4: Midterm Results

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Question 1

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As compared to senior managers, lower-level managers have:

Authority that depends on experience

The same authority

More authority

Authority that depends on education

Less authority

Question 2

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Health care policy is:

Not the business of a manager–they mind the budget

None of these are correct.

Taken care of by someone other than a manager
Every health care manager’s job

Taken care of by someone other than a manager, and not the business of a manager

Question 3

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Choose which is NOT one of the competing values under “Master Leadership”:




Risk taker

Question 4

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All of the following are considered to be types of extrinsic rewards EXCEPT:

A good boss

Healthy work relationships

Pay, benefits, and a good boss


Question 5

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An emergency department planning team was asked whether more suicides or more homicides occurred in the city. Team members did a quick mental check of instances of each they saw come into the ED. This is an example of using the ________________ heuristic.






Question 6

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Direct-to-consumer advertising:

May adversely impact the physician-patient relationship

Is questioned regarding whether it induces inappropriate resource utilization

Received scrutiny as to whether it changes prescribing behaviors

All of these are correct.

Is defined as marketing directly to the end user of health care products and services

Question 7

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A “health service [that has] risks [that] outweigh its benefits” is the definition of which of the following terms?
Correct Answer





Question 8

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Good measurement requires all of the following except:

Reliable measurement

Measurement variation

Rigorous definition of concept to be measured

Valid measurement

Question 9

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Computer systems were not used initially by clinicians because early systems:

None of these are correct.

Took more time to use and were cumbersome to use

Took more time to use

All of these are correct.

Were expensive

Were cumbersome to use

Question 10

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Concerns about cybersecurity include:
All of these are correct.

Unsecured wireless networks

Workstations left so anyone can access the HIS

Theft of patient medical records

Employees sharing passwords

Question 11

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Data from health information systems can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Health informatices




All of these are correct.

None of these are correct.

Question 12

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Access to the care of specialist physicians is limited in which type of health plan?

All of these are correct.

Point of Service Plan

Conventional Indemnity Plan

Preferred Provider Organization

None of these are correct.

Question 13

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CHIP is a program that provides for

Children covered by Medicaid

All children

Children in low-income families who would not typically qualify under Medicaid

Children covered by Medicare

Question 14

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Unlike other organizations, health care organizations tend to generate very little immediate cash because of:

The huge number of third-party payers, leading to delayed payments

The large number of negotiated installments required for payment of services by individuals

All of these are correct.

The large costs incurred for medical services, resulting in payment after the billing cycle

Question 15

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Capital budgets may include all of the following EXCEPT:

Land or facility acquisition

Net lending or borrowing needs of the organization

Information technology infrastructure

Recruitment of staff physicians