[SOLVED] CMSC451 PROJECT 2 SORTING ALGORITHMS ANALYTICS: Project 2 involves an analysis of the results that you obtained in first project. You are to submit a
paper, written with Microsoft Word, that discusses the results of your analysis. Grading of the
second part will be based on the following items:

  • A brief introduction of the sorting algorithm that you have selected and how the two
    versions of the algorithm compare
  • A discussion of the critical operation that you chose to count with an explanation of why
    you selected it
  • A Big-Θ analysis of the two versions of the algorithm
  • A discussion of the results of your study, which should include
    • graphs of your results
    • a comparison of the performance of the two versions of the algorithm
    • a comparison of the critical operation results and the actual execution time
    • a discussion of the significance of the standard deviation results and how it reflects the data sensitivity of your algorithm
    • how your results compare to your Big-Θ analysis
  • A conclusion that summarizes the important observations of your study

If for any reason, it was necessary to revise the program you submitted in project 1, the revised
source code should also be included along with the paper.