[SOLVED] CSIS 212 FINAL PROJECT: Assignment 1 (40 points)

Write an application containing three parallel arrays that hold 10 elements each.  The first array hold four-digit student ID numbers, the second array holds first names, and the third array holds the students’ grade point averages.  Use dialog boxes to accept a student ID number and display the student’s first name and grade point average.  If a match is not found, display an error message that includes the invalid ID number and allow the user to search for a new ID number.

[SOLVED] CSIS 212 FINAL PROJECT: Final Project Part 2 (40 points)

Create an application that contains an enumeration (enum) that represents the days of the week. Display a list of the days, then prompt the user for a day. Display business hours for the chosen day. Create your own business hours stored in an array; however, every day of the week should have different hours. Although companies do not normally have different business hours every day of the week, programming your code with this difference will help in finding and fixing coding errors.