[SOLVED] CSIS 208 PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT 4: A dry cleaning service is in the need of a invoice order form. They currently would like to have an ordering system to reflect the three main items they dry clean (comforters, shirts, and pants).
The cost of drycleaning the items are as follows:


[SOLVED] CSIS 208 PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT 4: The sales tax rate is 7%. Write a Visual Basic program to create an invoice form for an order. (See the diagram below.)

After the data on the left side of the form are entered, the user can display an invoice in a list box by pressing the Process Order button. The user can click on the Clear Order Form button to clear all text boxes and the list box, and can click on the Quit button to exit the program.

The invoice number consists of the capitalized first two letters of the customer’s last name, followed by the last four digits of the zip code.

[SOLVED] CSIS 208 PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT 4: The customer name is input with the last name first, followed by a comma, a space, and the first name. However, the name is displayed in the invoice in the proper order.

The generation of the invoice number and the reordering of the first and last names should be carried out by Function procedures.

[SOLVED] CSIS 208 PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT 4: After the invoice is created the dates of delivery will be displayed through loops. The user should be prompted to enter a number between 1 and 10 to determine how many delivery dates should be scheduled. You want to display the next delivery dates starting with the current date and ending with the week the user entered. The date should not be hard coded but be the current date. With each iteration you will add 7 days.

The lstbox must contain the employee name (your name) and the manager name (your instructor’s name). ***This is a requirement of the assignment and the assignment will not be accepted without it.

All variables to hold the price of the items to be dry cleaned must be created as constants.

Internatl communication must be used throughout the assignment.