The first assignment involves writing a Python program to compute the weekly pay for a salesman. Your program should prompt the user for the number of hours worked for that week and the weekly sales. Your program should compute the total pay as the sum of the pay based on the number of hours worked times the hourly rate plus the commission. You should chose a value for the hourly pay. The commission should be computed as a percentage of the weekly sales. You should choose a value for the percentage. Your program should output the pay based on the hours worked, the commission and the total pay for the week.

Your program should include the pseudocode used for your design in the comments. Document the values you chose for the hourly rate and commission percentage in your comments as well.
In future weeks you will learn how to make an industry standard test report to test that your program works correctly. For the assignment simply make a short paragraph of any activities that you performed to show that your program works correctly.

You are to submit your Python program as a file (.py) file. In addition, you are also to submit a short paragraph explaining how you tested the program in a Word document or a .pdf file. 15% of your grade will be based on whether the comments in your program include the pseudocode and define the values of your constants, and 85% on whether your program executes correctly on all test cases and whether you included a paragraph describing your approach to testing. 

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